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The Final outcome of the work // Improvements to the final outcome of the work.


Overall, I think I did ok while I was doing the Zigzag magazine I added my badges, my photography, my pop art portrait, my light photography, my animation, my games project and my contact details.

 I think I could of done better by adding more written stuff to each page and adding more pictures to each bar if I did both of those things I think it would of looked better and been better for me. 
I could of also checked on my spelling because there was a spelling mistake "potrait" which is supposed to be "portrait". Apart from those mistakes I have mentioned I think I done decent I think I done a good amount of work.The layout could have been better and it could have been more consistent. Bit there is pictures on just about all the pages that make it look interesting. 

This is where I placed all my folders for the following unit.

This is where I saved my zigzag work and it shows everything that I used.


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